Smartwatch from FiDELYS to provide password free mobile security

FiDELYS smartwatch iritech

The wearable technology recognizes the wearer’s eyes to eliminate PINS and logins.

There is a new smartwatch called FiDELYS that is now hitting the crowd funding world and that is designed to help mobile device users to be able to abandon the need to have to remember logins and PINs and passwords by using biometrics, instead.

The device is used as an iris recognition scanner instead of just another notification gadget.

The smartwatch product has been designed to provide wearers with freedom from the ever increasing problem of mobile security and of trying to remember increasingly complex logins and passwords. While iris recognition is not necessarily a new idea, and the feature is rumored to be coming to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and to the LG G3, it is very far from reaching the mainstream at the moment.

The promo video for the smartwatch shows that there is a great deal of tech involved in this device.

While the FiDELYS does offer the same types of features that are now coming to be expected from smartwatches, it also has an iris scanner to provide security and authentication features, as well. The video provides an overview of just how to technology in the device will function. There is a small camera mounted at the circular screen’s base, which is capable of capturing an image of the eye. From that point, it is able to identify whether or not it “knows” the user so that websites and other secure services can be unlocked if the right wearer’s eye has been scanned.

The clasp of the watch has a magnetic seal and the device can detect whether or not it has been broken. As long as the wearable technology is not taken off, the user doesn’t need to sign in again. Once the watch is removed – therefore, breaking the magnetic seal – then the user will need to scan his or her eye again when putting it back on for the first time.

The wearable technology for the smartwatches is being developed by a company called IriTech, which has already designed a module for a low cost camera that is effective both indoors as well as outdoors in bright sunlight – which has been a barrier to retina scanning for authentication, in the past.

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