Smartphone market in India is under Microsoft’s spotlight

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The growth that is being seen in that marketplace is making it highly attractive to this company.

India has now managed to establish itself as the largest smartphone market in the world, and Microsoft Devices Group (MDG) is now placing a considerable focus on that part of the world, with a great deal of optimism with regards to building its share within the country.

This, according to T. S. Sridhar, the Microsoft Mobile Oy director of mobiles, Nokia India Sales Pvt. Ltd.

Microsoft also made certain that whenever there is a new introduction of software, the owners of existing mobile devices will have that offering available to them. This opportunity for continual update could help to keep the brand in an attractive position within the smartphone market in India.

The release of a new smartphone – the Lumia 530 Dual SIM – is also a move to climb in the smartphone market.

india mobile payments smartphone marketOn Monday, that mobile device was launched in Coimbatore. Sridhar explained that the primary target within the Indian mobile market is the youth segment. The reason is that this demographic is the primary driver of the growth of this marketplace within the country. The trend in this age group is pushed by the desire to remain connected and to use some of the most popular apps that are currently available.

He stated that “Tamil Nadu is the biggest market for telecom in India” and interestingly it was not the metros but smaller cities such as Coimbatore, Pune and Hyderabad that were powering this growth.” He also explained that in 2013, there were 44 million smartphone sales recorded and those figures are expected to be nearly double what they had been, this year, with a prediction of 70 to 80 million sales. It was the devices that were priced at under Rs. 12,000 (about $200) that accounted for a massive 82 percent of all of the sales that were seen. It is clear that affordable devices are playing a very important role in the success of this industry.

Telecom operators are also benefiting greatly from the boom in the country’s smartphone market, as there has also been an extremely fast growth in data usage.

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