Smart Card Alliance forms the Mobile and NFC Council

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NFC Technology

Newly formed organization aims to promote awareness of NFC technology

The Smart Card Alliance, a non-profit organization that works to promote smart card technology, has announced the formation of the Mobile and NFC Council. This new organization aims to raise awareness and promote the adoption of NFC technology and its associated applications. The Smart Card Alliance claims that there are more than 100 million NFC-enabled smart phones available today, most of which are not being utilized because of the lack of NFC services and applications. The organization hopes to address this issue with the NFC Council.

NFC Council to provide access to educational materials

The newly minted Mobile and NFC Council will work to promote the various applications of NFC technology, such as mobile commerce, loyalty programs, and marketing. Thus far, more than 60 organizations and 120 individuals have been attracted to the Council, making use of the educational materials. These materials are designed to give those interested in using NFC technology an understanding of how to effectively implement the technology into their business operations. This knowledge is considered imperative to the success of NFC initiatives.


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Multiple aspects of NFC technology to be focus of new organizations

The Mobile and NFC Council will not focus on one aspect of NFC technology, such as mobile commerce. Instead, the council aims to promote the multitude of uses for the technology. Mobile commerce is currently one of the more popular uses of the technology, having captured a great deal of attention from consumers and businesses alike. The council will work to ensure that this is not the only aspect of NFC technology that receives attention.

NFC not just about mobile commerce, says Mobile and NFC Council

NFC technology has a variety of applications. In marketing, NFC has been a valuable point-of-sale tool. As such, it has captured the attention of consumers who are keen on mobile technology. NFC has also begun seeing use as a data transfer medium as it is able to transit digital information without needing a physical connection with a recipient. These are some of the aspects that the Mobile and NFC Council hopes to draw attention to.

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