Peloton developing $495 strength training smart camera

Smart camera - strength training

The Peloton Guide product is expected to be launched early next year in the United States, Canada and UK.

Peloton, which gained fame for its stationary bikes and treadmills, has announced that a smart camera system will be added to its next roll-out which will be used for strength training.

The gadget connects to the user’s TV and uses machine learning to understand the user’s movements.

The smart camera is critical to the Peloton Guide’s movement tracker feature. It will be compatible with hundreds of the brand’s strength training classes. The purpose is to make it possible for users to use all the class’ exercises while keeping up with the instructors, though without necessarily requiring the user to keep up with the pace set by the instructor.

Through Self Mode, users can use real-time matching of their own form against that of the instructor. There will be options for how the user wants to appear when on screen. The goal is to assist the user in making the right adjustments to form throughout a class.

Smart camera - body - technology

The smart camera will also help the user know just which parts of the body are being exercised.

With the strength training product’s activity function, the user will receive a reminder of the muscle groups that received the most workouts recently. It will use that information to make suggestions for classes that will target the muscles that haven’t been used as regularly recently. Furthermore, the Peloton Guide technology has a voice activation mode. This makes it possible to start a class, stop it, rewind it, or fast forward as desired. At first launch, the feature will be available in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

The system can be put to sleep in order to help protect the user’s privacy. Moreover, the lens can be covered with a slide, and the microphone has a physical switch to turn it off. That said, the company has underscored that the microphone does not listen to the room unless the user is in a class.

Peloton plans to continually improve the smart camera strength training system by training its machine learning model on additional disciplines and movements, as well as by boosting the number of training programs and classes available to users. That said, throughout these classes and programs, users will be able to use their own weights and equipment instead of being required to purchase specialty equipment from the brand.

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