Small business QR codes explode among low-cost marketing strategies amid pandemic

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Entrepreneurs are falling in love with barcodes and other tools appealing to COVID-aware consumers.

Though small business QR codes have long enjoyed moderate popularity, the pandemic’s requirement for contactless strategies have thrown these humble barcodes into the spotlight.

The pandemic crisis has given new life to the barcodes in the US due to their affordability and convenience.

Small business QR codes are readily available, convenient, recognizable, contactless and provide low cost mobile marketing and other digital features for consumers. As brick and mortar shops and offices implement widespread safety strategies to protect staff and customers from exposure, quick response barcodes are taking off.

While small business owners use new technologies such as UVC light wands to sterilize surfaces such as keyboards, computer mice, touchscreens, POS keypads, and countertops they are also implementing new ways to reach, communicate and share with consumers in a contact-free way.

Large organizations aren’t the only ones using barcodes as small business QR codes also see extensive use.

Quick response barcodes have reached the point of ubiquity in many other parts of the world. In Asia and Africa, they’re used virtually everywhere for everything from marketing to mobile payments. However, their adoption in the United States has been slow for consumers and companies alike.

That said, with the onset of the pandemic crisis, the value of these highly affordable QR barcodes has become immediately obvious. Restaurants are using them to allow customers to scan to view a menu without ever having to touch a shared paper or plastic version before placing up their take-out, patio, or in-restaurant order. Users include everyone from tiny single mom and pop shops to international giants like Disney.

“I’ve been saying for nearly 10 years that QR codes would have a renaissance, and as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, usage is now widespread,” said Boxpark founder and chief executive of street food, retail and events concept Roger Wade about small business QR codes. Though Americans are still learning how to use a scanner app – though many Small business QR codes, COVID-19 QR code use, QR codes, UVC light wand, quick response codes, QR codes small business, COVID pandemic crisisbasic camera apps now automatically spot and scan the barcodes – consumers in the US as well as Canada are picking it up very quickly.

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