Slovakian startup uses QR codes to help people learn new languages

Lingibli Mobile App

Lingibli Mobile App
Learning a new language can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to pick up a foreign tongue for those with complicated schedules. In an effort to make the learning process as simple as possible, Slovakian startup Lingibli has adopted QR codes for their new service. The company seeks to teach people the fundamentals of language using only 100 words from that language. Using QR codes, smart phone users will get an immersive lesson in whatever language they choose to learn.

Immersion is widely considered amongst linguists to be the most important part of learning a new language. Using Lingibli’s new mobile app, smart phone users can make QR codes that are associated with certain words. When these codes are scanned, they initiate an audio file stored in the app, allowing users to hear what the word sounds like from a native speaker. While Linbibli is not a full-fledged language course, it will give users a foundation upon which to build.

QR codes are most often seen in the world of marketing, but they have been gaining popularity as an educational tool. In the U.S. educators are beginning to use the codes to help students accomplish their academic tasks. Lingibli’s use of the codes is similar in that the company is working to help individuals build new skills that may help them during their travels.

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