Six Essential Measures to Boost a Website’s Performance and Visibility

Being a website owner is extremely necessary for every business, especially when everything in our world is going digital.

However, getting Google to notice your website is another thing altogether. A website with high visibility on Google has more chances of showing up on SERPs when people search for related queries. And it is not always easy to achieve this. There are billions of webpages on the internet, and it will take a lot of work and determination to make yours stand out in the crowd. On the other hand, people perform trillions of searches every day, and most of them are new ones.

It opens up countless doors for websites of every kind, and with the appropriate gameplan, you can also get a piece of the pie. Today, we will tell you a few essential measures to boost your website’s performance and visibility in Search engines, especially Google. 

Target Specific Keywords

Google won’t notice your website on its own. You have to provide it with a much-needed push in the right direction. You can do this by writing stellar content and choosing the appropriate keywords to accompany it. You have to ensure that every page on your website discusses a specific topic. 

It means conducting in-depth, detailed keyword research to find relevant, high volume, low competition keywords. Then, you need to incorporate these keywords in every page of your website, your meta description, and title tags. The more targeted and specific your topic and keywords, the higher the chance every webpage has to rank high on search engine results. 

Create A Blog

Do you think about writing a guest blog post or creating your own? If not, then do it for your website’s visibility’s sake. Every blog post that gets published is an opportunity for Google to notice your website and rank in for different keywords. However, don’t create a blog just for the sake of having extra pages. 

Google prefers quality over quantity and ranks authentic, authoritative websites high on its search engine results. Create a blog that people trust and go to when searching for information. It will most definitely improve your website traffic, increasing your SERP rankings. 

Register Your Website On Online Directories

Want your website to get noticed more? Then go ahead and register it on the most popular online directories. There are numerous online directories where you can do such a thing. The more places you register your website on, the more frequently and quickly it’ll get noticed. Below is a list of online directories you can register your website on;

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • LinkedIn
  • Foursquare
  • CitySearch
  • City-Date

For example, when you search for the term vinyl siding on Google Maps, many Google business listings show up in the results. However, the listing on the top is the one that has the most registration on various online directories. 

boost website performance and images with Alt tags

Optimize your Website’s Images

People conduct Google image searches more than you can imagine. If you have taken high-quality images of your services or products, be sure to optimize them for Google image search. You can do it by keeping the image file size as small as possible without compromising image quality, adding attractive captions, choosing proper file names, and using ALT tags on your images. 

The images’ file names will let Google’s and other search engine crawlers know about its subject matter. Typically, your image file names will look like ‘IMG_2321321″ or something similar. That seems like looking at a restaurant menu in a different language. 

It will do good for your website’s visibility as well as performance. Change the file name to something more relevant to the image. For example, if you include a picture of a dog on your website, change its generic name to something like ‘cute dog.’ Plus, adding relevant Alt tags to your images will help your website achieve better rankings and increase its visibility. For example, if you have a picture of a chocolate bar on your website, the alt tag should be something like ‘<img src=” dark chocolate.jpg” alt=” flavored dark chocolate bar”/>.’ 

Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-friendly

When you look at your Google Analytics report, you will undoubtedly see more mobile visitors than desktop visitors. It means that users prefer to use their mobile phones for conducting searches. Having a website without horizontal scrollbars and ensuring it doesn’t contain annoying pop-ups is vital to improving its mobile device performance. Furthermore, you also need to ensure that it loads as quickly as possible.  

It means removing any elements that take hours to load. These include large videos or images, non-responsive extensions, tables, pop-ups. Also, you need to update to the latest version of WordPress or PHP, use an excellent caching plugin, and utilize a fast VPS server. 

Verify Your Website With Google

Google discovers your website according to its ease of readability and category. If you want Google to crawl your website more efficiently, you must use Google My business to submit it to Google Maps. First, create a Google My Business account. Then find your business on google maps, and claim the listing. It is pretty straightforward to do this.

After claiming your business, you’ll automatically get verified by Google. You will have the ability to optimize or edit your business listing. The more accurate and complete your business listing, the more your website and business will pick up clicks, increasing both visibility and ranking on SERPs. 


Every business’s goal is to use digital marketing and SEO to improve its visibility in front of customers. So, if you have made it till the end of this article, you now know the six best ways to improve your website’s visibility. After all, your website is the heart and soul of your digital marketing campaign. And, you must invest your time optimizing it to the best of your abilities to attract your target audience and improve your SERP ranking in the process. 

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