Simple technology delivers a wealth of information at QUT

Queensland University of Technology

Queensland University of Technology

Technology is at the cutting edge of innovation and leads the charge of human progress. Becoming synonymous with a number of industries, technology plays a vital role to the success of many ventures, whether they are public or private. Society has reached a point where the demand for more interactive technologies has grown too loud to ignore. This demand has led many businesses to adopt QR codes and mobile marketing to appease consumers. However, the codes are not limited to the field of business, as the Queensland University of Technology has proven.

QUT has opted to use QR codes in the launch of their new “live prospectus” materials for prospective students. The University’s Business School has released a number of booklets which feature a code on the cover. When scanned with a smart phone, the code resolves to a mobile website where students can find a wealth of information on the school. This content is primarily in the form of videos.

“By giving prospective students the chance to view real videos from real graduates,” says Kevin Moreland of BCM, an advertising agency that constructed the campaign with the University, “we can surprise and engage them with something that they value.”

Proving that even relatively simple technologies can have a significant impact, QUT says that the QR campaign has already been a success. The University will likely expand their use of the codes in the future in an attempt to provide students a more engaging experience throughout their time at the school.

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