Wish rolls out shoppable video feature on its app

Shoppable video - online shopping

The digital marketplace is unveiling a new space it’s calling “Wish Clips” to entice people to buy.

E-commerce giant Wish has announced that it is launching a new shoppable video feature called “Wish Clips”, designed to draw more consumers to make purchases.

The feature was created to provide consumers with an enhanced experience for product viewing.

The shoppable video experience lets app users learn more about the products they’re considering. It will help them to better picture the way it can be used or worn. While watching, they simply need to tap the screen to obtain all the product videos, visit the retailer’s entire store, or add the product they see to their shopping cart.

App users also have the ability to “like” the videos they see, or to report one to the content moderation team at Wish if they feel extra moderating is required. The feature is already available to shoppers using the Android version of the app in nine primary markets for the company. That said, it is expected to roll out for iOS device users as well, starting in April.

Shoppable video - Retailer ads

Retailers can submit a shoppable video between five and thirty seconds long to demo their products.

Retailers can gain access to the performance metrics for their videos by accessing their merchant dashboard. That dashboard will be updated in time so that additional metrics such as watch time and like tallies are also provided. The goal is also to eventually streamline the user interface and build it out as well.

The rollout of this new feature is a component of a larger strategy by the company to boost its mobile commerce user experience and to offer new opportunities for retailers selling there to showcase what they have to offer. Wish intends to roll out an entire suite of new features this year, making the Wish Clips only the start of the process.

Wish isn’t the first to offer a shoppable video option for mobile commerce. For instance, Pinterest is currently experimenting with Ideas ads with paid partnership. This would make it possible for select advertisers to promote Idea Pins from managed creators in the form of commerce-enhanced videos.

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