Sharing your art experience with virtual notes

Edinburgh’s National Museum of Scotland

The art world is becoming entangled with technology. As mobile devices become an integral part of society, art institutions steeping themselves in technology in an effort to better connect with their audience. To this end, more museums are opting to incorporate QR codes in their exhibitions. Many have found that this has transformed traditionally melancholy galleries into a full-fledged interactive experience.

The codes have found their way to Edinburgh’s National Museum of Scotland, where more than 70 items have been labeled with a code. Alison Taubman, the principal curator of communications for the museum, believes that the codes open up a new avenue for public interaction. When scanning a code attributed to a specific piece on display, visitors will be able to share comments and connect with other patrons.

Taubman hopes that visitors will take advantage of the new campaign and form something of a social network. The codes will also be used to provide more in-depth information regarding the pieces on display. Video commentary, histories and interviews will be available to anyone interested.

“This project is a great example of how museums can give visitors more information about objects and stories,” says Taubman. She believes that as patrons begin to share their personal reflections on art, more people will be inspired to join in.

Several new exhibitions are planned for July, many of which will get their own QR codes.

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