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Developer of on-demand video product guides ShowUhow Inc. has announced that they will be using QR codes as part of their platform. The company unveiled their 360 Degree Product Experience Solution at the Spring 2010 DEMO Conference in Palm Desert, California. The platform guarantees that manufacturers and retailers will see higher a higher value of consumer interaction.

The codes will be embedded on product packaging and will link to video tutorials or installation guides provided by ShowUhow. Consumers will also be able to contact support should they have an issue that needs swift resolution. Perhaps the greatest benefit for consumers will be the ability to see a demo of the product before they make a purchase.

ShowUhow has developed their own QR code reader to accompany their new product, but the codes they generate can be scanned by any QR application available to smart phones.

Businesses will be able to keep an eye on the performance of the codes and work with ShowUhow to make necessary changes.

Vintage Tub & Bath, a retailer specializing in vintage home fixtures, will be among the first to use the new QR codes. “We are looking forward to this latest feature in the ShowUhow Product Experience Solution,” says CEO of Vintage Tub & Bath, Jason Puso.

More businesses are considering QR codes as the next step in marketing. Not so long ago, the codes were considered foreign and novelty – indeed, garish – but have won the hearts of companies throughout the nation.

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