SapientNitro looks to help smokers quit by showing them their own damaged lungs

AR App for Smokers

AR App for Smokers
SapientNitro, an interactive marketing and creative design firm, has been working on a new augmented reality application that helps smokers see what is at work in their bodies. The app is designed to help smokers quit by showing them the damage they are doing to their lungs. Augmented reality would serve this purpose well, as the technology allows for interactive displays of information that can be made aesthetically striking. The app, called AR Lungs, may be the next tool used for smoking cessation.

The app displays a medically accurate set of lungs over a user’s body. By inputting the number of years the user has been smoking, the lungs will begin showing the damage caused by the act. Non-smokers will have a set of pink, healthy looking lungs, while those that have been smoking for years, perhaps decades, will have discolored and shriveled lungs. SapientNitro worked closely with medical experts when developing the app to ensure accuracy.

Anti-smoking material today often relies on vivid imagery to spur smokers to quit. These images, however, are of other smokers, a fact that allows people to disassociate from the issue. AR Lungs confronts smokers with their own body rather than that of a third party. By seeing the damage they are doing to their own lungs, they may be more likely to quit once and for all.

Thus far, AR technology has been somewhat restricted to “fun” applications. SapientNitro’s decidedly mature approach to the technology may resound with advocacy groups and inspire them to pick up the technology for themselves.

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