Samsung takes a step to make mobile commerce more secure

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Biometric technology to boost mobile security for Samsung devices

Samsung is gearing up for the eventual release of its new Galaxy S5 smartphone and new details concerning the device are being released. The company intends to equip its new smartphone with biometric sensors that will be able to identify fingerprints and even scan a user’s retina. These sensors are expected to make the device much more secure than its predecessors, which may be good news considering how popular mobile commerce has become.

Security continues to be a major issue in the mobile commerce space

Security is a major challenge in the mobile payments space. Because this market deals in the trafficking of financial information, it is often targeted by malicious groups that seek to exploit this information to their own ends. Security concerns are actually what keep many consumers away from mobile commerce, as they fear that mobile payment services are unable to protect their financial information appropriately. Biometric technology can help allay these fears and provide consumers with more peace of mind.

Samsung to introduce biometric sensors to low-end devices

Mobile Commerce SecuritySamsung intends to integrate its KNOX security system into the new Galaxy S5, but the device’s biometric sensors will not only be available on a single platform. Samsung plans to equip event low-end feature phones with new biometric sensors in order to boost security throughout its mobile portfolio. Mobile technology is beginning to play a major role in society and even feature phones are reaching the point where they can participate in mobile commerce and a wide range of other mobile-centric activities. As such, security for all devices is becoming a priority issue.

Samsung may push ahead of Apple when it comes to mobile payments

Samsung recently partnered with PayPal in order to enable fingerprint-authenticated mobile payments. This partnership is expected to help Samsung establish a more formidable presence in the mobile commerce space. Apple may offer some competition, but the company has opted to take a very slow and cautious approach to mobile payments, hoping to avoid some of the pitfalls that other companies have fallen victim to. Samsung, however, has managed to push through some of its own setbacks with mobile payments without having to slow its approach to the sector.

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