Samsung smartwatch bands for Gear S3 add fashion variety

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch bands

The new wearable technology from Samsung gives consumers more choice in switching up the look.

The new Samsung Gear S3 has been receiving a great deal of praise for the smartwatch bands options it provides. Previously, the brand’s wearable technology has offered very limited fashion choices. The Gear S3 comes with a range of different options that can be swapped out to change the look.

Until now, consumers have not been able to switch up the look of their wearable tech using Samsung products.

This has meant that if they want to use anything but the strap that came with the watch, they have had to purchase third party products. Now, the Gear S3 has a number of official smartwatch bands from which the user can choose. SLG Design and Strap Studios now both have Samsung’s endorsement as products compatible with its wearable technology device.

Both companies partnered up with Samsung to create official collections of Gear S3 smartwatch bands.

Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch bands Each of the smartwatch straps come with spring-loaded bars with quick-release in order to make them easy to switch out. This means that you can decide to change your smartwatch strap first thing in the morning when you choose your outfit or mid-day if you change into something else. No tools are needed and there isn’t any risk of having tiny parts going missing.

The Strap Studio offerings consist of 15 different bands for the Gear S3. They are compatible with both the Classic and Frontier models. Each has a stainless steel buckle and is made of hand-sewn Italian leather in various different color options such as black, brown, pink, grey, navy, creamy beige and more. The length is unisex and they are 22 mm wide. Depending on the stitching choices, they cost anywhere from $30 to $40 with free international shipping.

On the other hand, SLG Design offers more modern looking smartwatch bands for the Samsung Gear S3. That said, they are pricier. They are made from Italian leather but they have a hip carbon fiber pattern. Those come with a $110. Still, they have a line more affordable than that (though still more than The Strap Studio’s offerings), with the $50 NATO-style strap and a $70 traditional leather strap.

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