Samsung has embedded NFC technology into a men’s suit

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The consumer electronics giant is working near field communication into clothing.

Now that the CES 2016 has come to a close, there has been no shortage of interesting, fascinating and downright weird products that have made their way onto the map but at the same time, the introduction of NFC technology into a smart suit and while adding solar panels to a handbag still has some people scratching their heads.

These are not the first odd sounding concepts that the secret labs from Samsung have developed.

Still, these specific products still have many people throughout the electronics industry trying to take a guess at what Samsung might have up its sleeves. In this case, the sleeves appear to have NFC technology, provided that they’re wearing the smart suit. Some have speculated that this might be a way to allow people to make payments or open security doors using a suit instead of a card or a mobile device. That said, this has not been confirmed by the company.

NFC technology has been worked into wearables, including smartwatches, in devices already on the market.

samsung phone mobile commerceThese gadgets have the near field communication embedded in them primarily for the purpose of using them as a mobile wallet so that purchases can be made without ever having to take a credit card out of a purse.

Samsung has already revealed its concepts for various pieces of smart clothing for athletes. These wearable technology clothes made it possible for a wearer to have his or her movements and body contractions tracked. Another smart clothing development had to do with golf apparel that could track a wearer’s swing.

Though the NFC technology enabled suit and the solar handbag did have a relatively fashionable appearance, as has been the case with the smart clothing that has previously been tinkered with under the Samsung brand, what isn’t entirely clear is what their intentions truly are. Among the leading guesses is that it would make it easy for a wearer to be able to transfer his or her contact details to someone else’s smartphone, but at the same time, it has been argued that this is not all that much more convenient than simply handing a traditional business card out, as is already the trend.

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