Samsung has had its eye on BlackBerry mobile technology, report

BlackBerry mboile technology sale

Although takeover rumors have been denied, outright, it does look as though there is some interest in the tech.

According to an email from a Samsung exec that was quoted by Bloomberg and that discussed a report that had initially been interpreted as a possible buyout of BlackBerry, had actually been a talk of a potential partnership that would allow the South Korean company to use mobile technology from the struggling Canadian handset maker.

This Bloomberg report suggests that Samsung may be seeking to use BlackBerry tech within its devices.

This recent report from Bloomberg follows closely on the heels of one that had been published by Reuters that had said that Samsung had been seeking to purchase BlackBerry for about $7.5 billion. It now looks as though it is not the company but is rather the mobile technology that is being sought. Shin Jong Kyung, the co-CEO of Samsung, was quoted by Bloomberg as saying in an email that “We want to work with BlackBerry and develop this partnership, not acquire the company.” He added that “BlackBerry is one of our important business-to-business strategic partners.”

Another mobile technology partnership has already been announced by the companies over security products.

BlackBerry mboile technology saleBoth of the companies had directly denied the takeover rumor that had spread, last week, but it didn’t stop analysts from looking into the various different ways in which the two companies could better work together or join as one.

Quite a few analysts released reports that were in favor of a Samsung takeover of BlackBerry, and that this particular purchase would make sense for the companies. They often explained that this move would make sense, as Samsung has been losing ground in the consumer smartphone market, and BlackBerry is continuing to hold onto assets with considerable value, such as a vast collection of patents and intellectual property, as well as significant reserves of cash.

The report issued by Bloomberg revealed a mobile technology partnership between the two companies that follows one that was made in mid 2014, which revealed that Apple and IBM would be dropping their former dramatic rivalry in favor of a potentially powerful alliance. Those two companies started working together to join their efforts in grabbing hold of a larger share of the enterprise market.

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