Rumor suggests Google acquires Viewdle

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Google may have acquired Viewdle, according to emerging rumor

There is a rumor that Google has acquire Viewdle, an augmented reality startup specializing in facial recognition technology. According to the Russian branch of Forbes, Viewdle’s board of directors approved the company’s takeover by Google in a $30 million deal. Neither Viewdle nor Google have confirmed or denied the rumor, but if it is true, it could have serious implications for Google’s endeavors with augmented reality technology. Currently, the only thing backing the rumor is Google’s interest in both augmented reality and facial recognition technology.

Viewdle proves popular with investors

Viewdle was founded in the Ukraine in 2006 and shortly thereafter found a home in California. The technology operates through Europe and much of South America and has won accolades for its facial recognition technologies and work in augmented reality. Investments in the company have been steady and significant, which suggests that the company’s operations and technologies have won a great deal of favor amongst tech-savvy investors.

Google has a history of acquiring promising technology companies

Since 2006, Google has been acquiring companies that specialize in augmented reality, facial recognition, and biometrics. The most recent of these acquisitions was in 2011, when Google absorbed PittPatt, a company specializing in facial recognition technology. Some in the business world suggest that these acquisitions were meant to remove potential competition from the market. These acquisitions give Google access to patented technology, however, which could go a long way in the company’s plans for augmented reality for its new products.

Facial recognition and augmented reality technology hold promise for Google projects

The fact that neither companies have confirmed or denied the rumor may be proof enough of the acquisition. Facial recognition and augmented reality technology are beginning to gather a great deal of attention for their possible uses in wearable electronics. Google’s Project Glass, for instance, could make use of the technologies to provide consumers with social networking services. Time will tell whether the rumor surrounding these two companies has any bearing.

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