Restaurants and bars are beginning to use the Tabbedout mobile payment app

Mobile Payment App

Mobile Payment App
Tabbedout is starting to become available at many different bars and restaurants to offer patrons the opportunity to pay for their food and drink purchases by using the mobile payment app.

It functions by allowing customers to open a tab and view it in real time, paying it at their convenience by way of their Android smartphone or iPhone. To use it, consumers simply need to download the Tabbedout app, which is available for free. They must then enter their credit card information which is then safely stored on the device with the security of 256-bit AES encryption.

Once the app has been set up, the user can select “nearby locations” in order to find the various restaurants and bars in the area that use the service. When they arrive at the location, consumers are able to use the “open tab” option. At that point, the customer is provided with a unique five-digit code, which he or she can show the server.

The point of sale system used by the server will provide the server with a button that matches the code so that the bill will be directly connected to the app on the smartphone of the consumer. From that time, the customer can simply order as usual, and when he or she is ready to pay, all that needs to be done is to use the check-out feature on the app.

This way, wait staff never need to take the credit card from the patrons, risking accidental loss along the way. The service is already available in over 400 locations across the country and is continuing to grow.

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