Researchers at the University of Tokyo build a gesture-powered computer

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A team of researchers from the University of Tokyo has developed a new way to use augmented reality in what they are calling a major advancement in human computer interaction. The concept behind the development – which is titled Invoked Computing – is that any physical object can be paired with a computer interface and turned into a communication device or several other tools that may be useful. This is accomplished using augmented reality technology. While the technology is most commonly known for its penchant for digital imaging, researchers say that the true capabilities of augmented reality have yet to be explored.

The computer system built by researchers is capable of registering human gestures and uses these gestures to control various aspects of computing. For instance, researchers showed off how, with a swipe of the hand, they could control a streaming video feed by pausing, fast forwarding and adjusting the volume. The system can also project sound onto an object it recognizes as a communication device.

Researchers are hoping to make the system more sophisticated in the near future. They are currently working on broadening the range of gestures the system can recognize, hoping to, one day, make a computer that can be controlled using nothing but gestures. The goal will rely heavily on augmented reality. As the technology becomes more advanced, the goal of the researchers becomes more tangible.

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