Research shows that 55 percent of women are willing to opt in for mobile discounts

Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupons
A recent study performed by Ping Mobile has shown that 55 percent of women who use smartphones are willing to opt-in to a service in order to be provided with discount coupons and offers.

The results produced by Ping Mobile, were drawn from the responses from American women from across the country, regarding their current use of coupons and the way that the feel about mobile coupons in general. People are already using their smartphones on an increasing basis to accomplish their everyday activities, so it is predicted that 2012 will show significant growth in the use of mobile coupons.

The primary findings of the study were that while print coupons and traditional online coupons are each currently used by over three quarters of women, the use of mobile coupons has already surpassed 20 percent of women.

Beyond the 55 percent of women who stated that they would opt-in for the opportunity to receive coupons through their mobile devices, another 90 percent said that if they thought that one of the coupons they received was valuable, they were either somewhat likely or very likely to redeem it. Ping Mobile has stated that it believes that the discrepancy between the willingness to use mobile coupons and their actual use is simply the result of their current lack of availability.

The research also determined that if a coupon was deemed to be valuable, 72 percent of women said that they would likely share it with someone else by either posting it on a social network through a mobile app, or by forwarding it directly to the recipient.

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