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Report shows iPad is driving American mobile commerce

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iPad is the driving force behind almost every element of American mobile commerce

As per a newly released report by RichRelevance…including browsing, shopping, and purchasing over other tablets.It also indicated that most of this mobile commerce activity in the country is coming from Texas.

The study was entitled “2012 Q1 Shopping Insights Mobile Study” and it suggested a consistent increase in the share of revenue in the United States that belongs to mobile. Data for the report was gleaned from 4.4 billion sessions within the 12 month period ending in March 2012. What it showed was that there was a consistent increase in the mobile revenue share, starting at 1.9 percent in April 2011, and rising to 4.6 percent in March 2012.

ipad users make up 68% of all mobile shoppers

The RichRelevance study also corroborated previous research that has indicated that it is the iPad that is leading the way in shopping over mobile devices, having determined that the users of these tablets make up 68 percent of all mobile shoppers, and that they are generating 90 percent of all revenue from mobile devices.

The survey showed that iPad users spend more on each specific order that they make using their devices than other mobile users. The average order made from an iPad device had a value of $158, as opposed to the average order value of $104 from iPhones, $105 from other mobile devices, and desktop purchases with an average value of $153.

Mobile commerce statistics reveal higher dollar sales coupled with greater closing rates.

iPad users were also found to have significantly higher conversion rates than other mobile devices. The iPad conversion rate was 1.5 percent, when compared to 0.57 percent among other forms of mobile device.

According to David Selinger, the CEO of RichRelevance, “Twenty years later, Apple’s ground-breaking ‘Think Different’ ad campaign can be recast as ‘Shop Different’ for the iPad.”

Educated mobile shopping with high conversion rates.

He also explained that in order to achieve success in an environment such as this one that is changing so quickly, it is vital for retailers to keep on top of consumer behaviors as they alternate among the various devices that are available to them. Those retailers must be prepared to offer the mobile commerce experience the consumer wants over the channel they prefer.

Article: Report shows iPad is driving American mobile commerce
Article Sources: RichRelevance – Mobile Commerce Press
Author: Julie Campbell

Report shows iPad is driving American mobile commerce

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