Report highlights awareness of NFC-based mobile commerce in the UK

NFC technology mobile commerce

NFC seems unpopular with UK consumers

YouGov, an online market research firm, has released a report focused on NFC technology. NFC has been gaining a significant degree of attention in recent months due to reports concerning its security and the fact that it is losing ground in the field of mobile commerce. NFC has long formed the backbone of mobile payments, used by retailers and other businesses to facilitate payments in a relatively efficient manner. NFC may not be as popular as many believe, however, despite the apparent popularity of mobile commerce itself.

Report shows that many people are still unaware of NFC-based payment systems

According to the report from YouGov, awareness concerning NFC-based payment systems is quite low among consumers in the United Kingdom. The report shows that approximately 35% of UK consumers are aware of NFC-based mobile payment technology. Approximately a fifth of those that are aware of such technology have plans to use such systems to make a payment with a mobile device. The report suggests that consumers are more aware of and more enthusiastic about alternatives to NFC.

Alternatives to NFC are becoming more popular

NFC technology mobile commerceThe general consensus among consumers, according to the report, is that NFC-based systems are somewhat unnecessary. The security concerns that many people have regarding NFC technology, and mobile commerce in general, have made them wary of systems that are based solely on the use of NFC. While NFC-based systems have become more advanced in recent months, the stigma surrounding NFC technology has been enough to keep many consumers away from NFC-based mobile commerce.

Mobile commerce continues to attract attention

Mobile payments are growing in popularity despite the low awareness of NFC-based systems in the UK. Systems that are not based on NFC technology are becoming more common. PayPal, for instance, has managed to expose numerous people to mobile commerce without having to leverage NFC in any way. Consumers seem to prefer alternatives to NFC due to the security that such alternatives represent.

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