QuickMark’s new 2d app for Mac

Screenshot of QuickMark App at Mac Store
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Screenshot of QuickMark App at Mac Store

The new QuickMark now allows two-dimensional tags for the Mac OS X that can be bought for only $2.99 at the Mac App Store. The 2D tag enables the Mac to easily decipher URLs, location coordinates, address cards and plain texts. For the recently released QuickMark, it has a Quick Code format and is able to read both QR Code and Data Matrix, which are the standard 2D codes.

Recently, the use of 2D codes has become very popular. They can now be found not only in the Internet but also in publications like newspapers and magazines. The advertisement industry has also seen an increase in the use of 2D codes. In addition to its use in smartphones, PlayStations and other similar gadgets, 2D is now used on physical goods that are being sold in retail to enable the promotion of the product.

For QuickMark, their app allows for three functions…it can utilize a camera to distinguish or perform a 2D code that can either be built-in or through the use of a third-party camera.QuickMark Logo This will then allow you to open a URL or use Google Maps through the browser that will appear, as well as send an SMS or use Skype when you are going to make or receive a phone call. Another function is the ability to create a 2D code in whatever format for the text that you are using. Lastly, the QuickMark can be used to drag images.

With the increasing use of the 2D codes, it is getting easier to spot them in whatever location – from newspaper stands to shopping for plants in your local nursery. QR codes were  initially introduced in Japan and originally used to track car parts for Toyota’s assembly line. The importance of its use has paved it’s way to further improvement and the possibilities are endless. 

Despite the improvements seen on QuickMark, there are some drawbacks on it. One notable drawback is the absence of the copy and paste functions wherein you cannot paste into the text section when you are developing a 2D tag. These limitations are expected to improve with the feedback that customers are providing.

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