Qualcomm identifies augmented reality as ultimate benchmark for Android



Qualcomm touts the capabilities of augmented reality

Qualcomm, a developer of telecommunications equipment and semiconductors, has taken a keen interest in augmented reality. The company has been making use of the technology for some time, managing to make several breakthroughs that have gone on to influence the use of augmented reality in the world of mobile technology. As he company’s Mobile Benchmark Workshop kicks off, Qualcomm has begun touting the capabilities of augmented reality, going so far as to claim that it is the best benchmark for the Android platform.

Vellamo to be enhanced through augmented reality technology

Qualcomm is well known for rigorously testing its products before they are released to the commercial market. The company’s Vellamo has long been used as a benchmark test for its mobile products and processors. Now, Vellamo will make use of augmented reality, which will help Qualcomm test the various aspects of its future products to ensure that they are up to the company’s high standards. The technology will be used to test the processors of the company’s smart phones and tablets in order to determine graphical performance as well as numerous other features.

Intensive nature of augmented reality makes it ideal for benchmark tests

Augmented reality is an intensive technology. Augmented reality itself is nearly as old as 3D technology, but is much more demanding in terms of hardware. Because of this, the technology has seen limited use in the past. Augmented reality has begun to play a larger role in the mobile world as technology has become more powerful. Qualcomm believes that the intensive nature of augmented reality makes it suitable for benchmark tests.

Qualcomm to touch upon various issues during Mobile Benchmark Workshop

Qualcomm is expected to focus on various mobile technology issues through the duration of its Mobile Benchmark Workshop, but augmented reality is expected to receive a great deal of attention. The company has been showing more interest in the technology and has been exploring the capabilities of augmented reality beyond its uses in entertainment and advertising.

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