QRt.co announces release of first custom QR code service for businesses

QRt.co Custom QR Codes

QRt.co Custom QR Codes

It allows companies to instantly and easily generate visually compelling barcodes.

Technology company, QRt.co, has just released a QR code service industry first, which is a custom two dimensional barcode generator created just for businesses and brands.

This could make the square black and white boxes a thing of the past for advertisers.

The online tool offered by the company provides the ability to create codes that are visually appealing with only a few clicks of the mouse. It is anticipated that marketers will find this feature especially attractive, as they will be able to very quickly brand their barcodes with the logos and colors of the company or brand, while helping it to fit the style of their campaigns with the proper style of block, accents, textures, backgrounds, and gradients.

According to the QRt.com CEO, Will Bengtson, “Customized QR Codes are just more persuasive. They are more eye-catching, convey brand, and give better indication of what the person who scans it will get. Also, there is the fun factor. These things all encourage scans.”

Similarly, the chief technologist in the company, Nathan Culbertson, said that they are hoping that this will make it possible for everyone to easily and rapidly generate their own barcodes, whether they are using the QR code service for their own personal use, or for business purposes. They also offer templates that have been pre-configured for use with various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, so that their creation and implementation is virtually effortless.

The templates are also fully customizable, so they can be used as a jumping off point and the personalized touches can be created at that point. For designers with more skill and experience, it is possible for every element of the codes to be completely customized.

The QRt.co custom QR code service is highly affordable, starting at an introductory per-code price of $9.95, when they are purchased on an individual basis. However, there are also corporate and volume discounts offered by the company in order to make sure that they will provide the best possible value and fit well within any marketing budget.


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