Qrickit wants to pay consumers to scan QR codes

QR Code Marketing

QR Code Marketing

QR codes have become very common in print advertisements.

Despite this, consumers have shied away from scanning the codes. Some simply do not understand how the codes work, but the majority does not see any gain in scanning them. Mobile marketers and companies using the codes have struggled to find a way to entice consumers into scanning the codes, but the reality seems to be that consumers will not do so if they will not get something in return. Thus, Qrickit, a marketing and management firm based in Canada, has come up with an idea on how to solve this problem.

Qrickit has come up with a way to incentivize the scanning of QR codes that may find a great deal of favor with most consumers.

The company wants to pay people to scan codes. The company has designed a QR code system and scanning application that, when used with a smart phone, will let consumers accumulate points for each scan. These points add up over time and go toward the ultimate goal of winning actual money. So far, Qrickit has awarded more than $100,000 to consumers and has plans to increase the payouts even more in the coming months.

Many companies have tried to offer deals through QR codes for mobile consumers.

While this has been met with some degree of success, Qrickit believes that the majority of people will respond better to campaigns that promise to give them real money. Given the current state of the economy, Qrickit may be on to something.

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