QRHacker offers creation of designer QR codes for businesses and individuals



Designer QR codes are becoming more popular as a branding strategy for businesses.

These codes are identical to conventional QR codes apart from the fact that they can be embedded with a small logo or graphical design. These designs do not impair the functionality of the codes, however, meaning that will still be useful to a company’s mobile initiatives. Designer codes can be a good way for businesses with a need to reach out to mobile consumers to brand themselves and make their codes stand out from those used by competitors.

QRHacker, an online generator of QR codes, is now offering to add customized graphics to QR codes for businesses and individuals. These graphics can be anything from simple logos to small designs without them interfering with the functionality of the code itself. The codes generated by QRHacker can contain simple text, a website address, phone numbers, or even a password for a wireless network connection. The designer QR codes require no special application to be scanned and function like a conventional code.

The point to using a designer QR code is to draw more attention to the code itself.

Conventional QR codes are not typically considered by be appealing to look at. The blocky patterns of the codes are sometimes criticized for detractive from the overall appeal of the marketing campaigns they are being used with.  While personal opinion of the aesthetic value of QR codes differ from person to person, QRHacker believes that designer codes can be more attractive to consumers who are tired of looking at the same thing every day.

QRHacker is a free service for those looking to make designer QR codes for themselves.

Businesses looking to make codes can do so for a small fee, which will also grant them access to some of the services additional features. Companies can also create codes for clients for a slightly higher fee. The fees are paid on an annual basis.

Designer QR codes are growing in popularity alongside conventional codes and may be able to help the barcodes establish a place among other mobile marketing technologies, such as augmented reality and NFC.

Article: QRHacker offers creation of designer QR codes for businesses and individuals
Article Source: QR code press
Author: Jesse Collins

QRHacker offers creation of designer QR codes for businesses and individuals


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