QRganize aims to bring more order to the world of QR codes

QRganize App

QRganize App
As QR codes continue to grow more famous with businesses, the need for adequate sorting and storage mechanisms is becoming more real. QRganize, a new service designed for those using QR codes, aims to help consumers and businesses manage the codes they use. The QRganize app is available for iPhone and doubles as a barcode scanner, which makes scanning and sorting codes easy. Once scanned, the code can be accessed through the QRganize library stored within a smart phone.

Using the app, consumers can revisit digital content from codes they have scanned in the past, as long as the codes have remained functional. This brings more longevity to QR codes used in marketing campaigns. Marketers gain a significant edge in engaging consumers in this way, as there is always a chance for consumers to return to an old campaign that is still active.

As a barcode scanner, the QRganize app adds some security to scanning. When scanning a QR code, the app deciphers the web address embedded within the code itself, allowing users to see exactly where the code is taking them. After they determine the destination is safe to visit, users can press a button onscreen to be sent to the mobile website.

The QRganize app is available on all mobile devices compatible with the iOS 5.0 mobile operating system. It can be found at the Apple App Store.

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