QReach to provide businesses with the means to launch QR code campaigns

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DG3 launches new platform to facilitate the use of QR codes in marketing

DG3 Digital Marketing, a marketing and visual communications company based in New Jersey, has announced the release of a new mobile engagement package aimed at leverages QR codes as a way to engage consumers. The package, called QReach, is designed to expose companies to the various uses of QR codes and how they can be implemented in marketing campaigns to reach out to tech-savvy consumers. DG3 has developed the package with print communications in mind, hoping that QR codes will help to make print content more accessible to mobile consumers.

Codes have proven to be valuable marketing tools

QR codes have become a powerful tool in the mobile marketing industry. Many advertisers and companies are beginning to make use of the codes as a way to engage consumers. QR codes have become popular because of their simplicity and low cost. Typically, the codes can be generated for free online, with costs being limited in terms of printing and implementation into a larger marketing strategy. DG3 aims to promote the simplicity of the codes through its QReach package.

QReach could help revitalize marketing campaigns

Using QReach, companies will be able to create their own branded QR codes. These codes can be linked to a wide range of content that can be access by consumers using a smart phone or similar mobile device. DG3 is offering a full year of content hosting and campaign performance tracking with the QReach package. DG3 believes that the use of QR codes could help revitalize the marketing campaigns of some companies that have yet to embrace interactive technology.

Demand for interactive marketing sparks the need for new marketing platforms

QR codes have been vital to the rise of the mobile marketing industry. The codes paved the way for interactive marketing campaigns to be launched by a large number of companies all over the world. With access to affordable tools, companies have been able to see the merits of launching mobile marketing campaigns, thus the demand for platforms like QReach has grown aggressively in recent years.


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