QR stores make an appearance at German train stations

German Train Stations

German Train Stations
QR coded stores have begun appearing in Germany. The stores are akin to those that had once been seen at train stations in South Korea, brought to the country by British retail giant Tesco. The German stores are a product of Budnikowsky, a popular drugstore, and have also been showing up at train stations throughout the country. Indeed, Budnikowsky derived inspiration for the stores from Tesco, who have seen relative success with their venture. The company hopes that QR stores will take root in Germany.

The stores feature a wide variety of products, each with their own QR code. While shoppers cannot pick up the items they want, they can scan the codes to make a purchase. The codes are linked to an e-commerce site that allows for purchasing of products. The purchased items will then be delivered to a given address within a single business day.

How successful the initiative will be depends largely on how comfortable consumers are with purchasing items via QR code. Recent reports of malicious QR codes showing up around the world may cause consumers to shy away from the codes. Despite these concerns, however, Budnikowsky believes that the codes will catch on, as they will allow shoppers to make quick purchases as they move through various train stations around the country. Nonetheless, whether the company continues with their venture will be determined by customer response.

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