QR codes will play a key role to mobile marketing throughout the holiday season

QR Codes used for holiday shopping promotions

QR Codes used for holiday shopping promotions

Major brands and companies are already revealing campaigns using the barcodes.

Though mobile marketing has already been recognized as a vital driver for the upcoming holiday shopping season, what is also being discovered is that QR codes will be the heart of many of those campaigns.

This technology is expected to stand out dramatically from the rest over the next couple of months.

Large brands such as Target, Kraft, Tourneau, and many more have already started to incorporate QR codes into their various efforts to make certain that holiday shoppers choose their products and buy in their stores – either brick and mortar or online. Though the technology has received a great deal of criticism over the last little while, it is still evident that it is one of the top mobile marketing choices among retailers this year.

Marketers are coming to discover how QR codes can be used creatively to drive sales.

According to NeoMedia Technologies CEO, Laura Marriott, “We see lots of QR codes in typical marketing and advertising implementation, but more and more will be used to also activate mobile commerce engagements this holiday season.” She went on to say that as brands such as Target start to apply the technology with increased creativity, it is likely that quick response codes will not only drive sales, but also build customer loyalty.

Target has been in the center of the QR codes spotlight since it announced that the 20 most popular toys of the season could be purchased by scanning the codes in-store, regardless of whether or not the item was in stock. The product would then be shipped, free of charge, anywhere in the United States.

Similarly, Kraft performed a massive test of the barcodes and compared their use with NFC technology. They discovered that each of the contactless scans had their own strengths in the food market.

Tourneau is hoping to use the black and white throughout the holiday season in order to provide more interactive options for learning about their products.

What is clear is that the adoption of QR codes is continuing to skyrocket, and they will be much more visible throughout the holiday shopping season than they have ever been before.

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