QR codes will help bring lost pups home

Lost Dog qr codes

A new system through AnimalRescue.com will help lost pets to be able to find their way home.

A program called AnimalRescue.com, based in Brevard County, is now making it possible for people to scan QR codes in order to be able to gain information about a lost pet they’ve found.

Because dogs and cats can’t speak for themselves, it can make it very hard to bring them home when they’re lost.

Losing a pet can be an owner’s worst nightmare. It depends very heavily on the ability of someone who has found the pet to be able to identify the animal and discover the necessary contact information to arrange for the owner to bring them home again. This can be a very scary time for the owner, let alone the pet. To help to reduce the time that an animal is lost and improve the odds that it will be returned to its family, AnimalRescue.com has created a GPS based program using QR codes in a system called “Q-Tag”.

The QR codes can be scanned to reveal the pet’s information, while a smartphone can also track their location.

Lost Dog qr codesThis double-tech strategy is meant to provide two ways for a pet and owner to find their way back to each other. If the pet goes missing and someone finds it, that individual can scan the quick response code with any smartphone to be automatically directed to a webpage that contains the owner’s contact information as well as specific information about that pet.

As a part of the launch of the system, AnimalRescue.com has provided Brevard Animal Services with a tremendous 500 Q-Tags.

These QRcode tags are meant to be used either on their own or in conjunction with other efforts to make sure an animal can be identified if it is ever lost. Traditional pet ID tags provide very little space for contact information and microchips can stop functioning over the years. Therefore, while those two methods of pet identification are still great, they are not without their drawbacks.

Therefore, regardless of whether or not a pet already has those other ID methods, it can still be helpful to have the additional GPS location and scans through QR codes for anyone who actually finds the lost pet.

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