QR codes in Wales help visitors with place name pronunciation

tourism qr codes

These quick response codes also allow smartphone users to figure out how to say phrases and words in Welsh.

Visitors to Wales have always loved to see the stunning sites and locations throughout the region, but have traditionally struggled with pronunciations – that is, until they had new QR codes to scan and guide them in the right direction.

This very simple to use mobile device technology makes visitors a scan away from knowing how to say site names.

A new tourism program has been implemented in Wales that uses the quick response codes to help people to receive on the spot answers regarding the way to say the names of some of the most famous sites in the country. Those who need assistance with pronunciation or who would simply like to learn the place names in the sake of education can use their devices to scan QR codes posts in communities, beauty spots, pubs, and even mountains.

Scanning the QR codes provides not only pronunciation but also some fascinating historical tidbits.

tourism qr codesThese barcodes redirect the user’s device to information regarding the importance and history of the place that they are seeing, on top of teaching them how to say the name of the spot. Many people don’t realize how difficult some of the signs are to read and pronounce until they find themselves having to ask one of the locals for information and are faced with only a blank stare.

After all, the longest place name in the entire world is located in Wales, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. It’s one thing to see that sign and it’s something else entirely to hear it pronounced slowly (or at normal speed) using the feature with a smartphone.

This effort to add the helpful barcodes belongs to the information network called HistoryPoints. This is not the first time that they have used this technology in the country to help visitors to learn more about the places that they are visiting.

That said, the pronunciation feature is new to the QR codes that HistoryPoints has been adding to the popular tourist spots throughout the country. That said, they expect that they explanations and clearly pronounced words in Welsh will be quite handy to visitors to the area.

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