QR codes used to boost tourism in South Korea

QR codes South Korea

QR codes South KoreaSeoul embraces QR codes for tourists

Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, is a very attractive tourist destination for people from all over the world. The city boasts of various attractions and iconic neighborhoods, such as Gangnam, that have been attracting people that are interested in the culture of the country. QR codes have been used throughout the country for the sake of mobile marketing to great effect, but now the codes are becoming more popular in the tourism sector. The streets of Seoul are becoming crowded with QR codes, quite literally.

Codes used to provide directions through high profile neighborhoods

QR codes have begun appearing embedded in the pavement of Seoul’s streets. Most of these codes can be found in the Gangnam district and can be accessed using a smart phone or tablet. These QR codes are meant to help tourists find directions around the expansive city, providing them with a wealth of local information that can help prevent them from getting lost. The codes also provide information concerning other neighborhoods in the city, highlighting the major attractions that the capital has to offer.

QR codes used in new public transit guides

The Korea Tourism Organization has published its latest edition of the Seoul Subway Travel Guide, which also includes QR codes. The guide has been published in four languages, including English, to make it more accessible to tourists. The codes contained within the guide offer information concerning the city’s transit system as well as information on the various tour services that can be found throughout the city.

Codes expanding beyond marketing

QR codes are most commonly used in marketing, but have been expanding into other fields, such as tourism and commerce. South Korea has become a testing ground for ambitious new initiatives concerning the codes. Last year, British retailer Tesco launched a virtual store, through which products were sold to consumers that scanned QR codes with their mobile devices. The Korea Tourism Organization believes that QR codes can help provide those that visit Seoul with the information they need about the city.

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