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QR codes used for medical alert products from ScanMed

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mhealth qr codesScanMed introduces QR codes into new service

QR codes are quickly becoming much more than mobile marketing and mobile commerce tools. ScanMed, a leading provider of medical alert technology, has been using the codes for some time and has developed a new emergency medical alert system that is based entirely on the use of QR codes. The ScanMed QR CardSuite has been introduced this week, with the company claiming that it is the first service of its kind in the medical alert industry.

Codes contain vital medical information

A ScanMed QR Card contains a QR code that holds the medical information of its owner. Health care professionals and emergency responders can scan these QR codes to gain access to this information, which can be absolutely vital in the care of a patient. The solution from ScanMed is not the first of its kind, but ScanMed notes that it makes use of QR codes in a way that no other medical alert company has ever done.

ScanMed allows for dynamic access to medical information

Other medical alert services that make use of QR codes typically require a user to create an online profile and fill out all medical information themselves before they are given a code. ScanMed allows users to generate a code and then associate their medical information with said code. This allows users to dynamically change their medical information without having to receive an entirely new code from ScanMed, thus removing one of the hurdles that has long threatened the viability of QR codes in the medical field.

ScanMed makes use of proprietary QR codes

ScanMed generates proprietary QR codes for its services, meaning that these codes can only be accessed through an application that comes from ScanMed itself. Proprietary QR codes have been criticized in the past due to their exclusive accessibility. These codes do not function with all scanning applications, limiting their usefulness for those that are unwilling to purchase a new scanning application when there are so many free alternatives to choose from.

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