QR codes used in Florence for official business registrations

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These quick response codes allow companies to learn more about new documents and attain other information.

Officials in Florence have now implemented QR codes that help to make it easier for businesses to be able to inform themselves about the latest forms of documents and other information that is relevant to their functioning and their compliance with the law.

These quick response codes have been put into place to help companies to obtain clear information.

Citizens and professionals, as well as businesses and even governments can now scan the QR codes to be able to find information that is comprehensive and clear, through a method that is highly affordable to implement. These barcodes have been developed by a local business and provide a new form of identification for all of the official documents put out by the city’s Chamber of Commerce. While those documents will still all be available in the traditional way or online through a title search, they can be found individually through barcode scans, as well.

The QR codes can be scanned through an application that was developed specifically for this purpose.

QR CodesInfoCamere has put out a free app called “RI QR Code” that can be downloaded for free through the Chamber of Commerce’s portal (registroimprese.it) or through App Stores for the various different mobile operating systems.

The QRcode scans are meant to make it much easier for users to be able to obtain information in a direct and simple way. Moreover, from the information to which the user has been directly connected, there is also a highly navigable index that spans all of the mobile website’s contents in order to make it possible for users to be able to expand their searches beyond the initial contact.

According to the InforCamere general manager, the goal of the use of the QR codes is meant to help to make sure that new information and documents for businesses will be clear, comprehensive, and easily accessible. They have proudly made this contribution to the Chamber of Commerce in order to help to broaden the dissemination of information within the city of Florence.

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