QR codes used by Daimler to inform emergency responders

QR Code scanning mercedes benz cars

The German car manufacturer is expanding its use of the barcodes.

Daimler, the German automaker, has announced that it is broadening the use of QR codes to help to provide essential information to emergency responders who are conducting a rescue following a traffic accident.

These barcodes were already reported to have been a standard in the Mercedes-Benz and Smart Daimler brands.

Back in May 2013, we reported the initial introduction of QR codes into the latest models of Mercedes vehicles. More recently, in January 2013, that was updated when we reported that quick response codes were being added as a standard across that Daimler brand as well as in Smart cars. Now even older models of those vehicles can be retrofitted so that they can enjoy the same safety feature through certain authorized service stations.

The QR codes allow emergency responders to obtain rapid model specific rescue information.

QR Codes mercedes carsThrough a fast barcode scan, firefighters and other responders first on the scene can obtain a rescue card that provides the specific details from the vehicle, including the location of the fuel tanks, battery, airbags, and other important elements so that an extraction can be safely conducted using cutting equipment.

While all manufacturers provide rescue cards to help emergency responders to be able to rescue people from road accidents, Daimler claims that it is the first one to use these QR barcodes to make a digital form of this card very easily accessible. The scan brings the tablet or smartphone user directly to a web address that provides the specs specific to that model, not just a general searchable site.

The stickers featuring the QR codes are attached to the inside of the flap over the fuel filling opening, as well as on the opposite side of the vehicle on the B-pillar. These are two areas that make the barcodes easy to access for emergency responders. It is very rare for both of those areas to be simultaneously seriously damaged to the point that the barcode would not be findable or usable. The information online is available in several languages. The page will automatically display the language that is the default for the user’s device.

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