QR codes used by GM in Malibu rentals

chevrolet malibu QR codes

chevrolet malibu QR codesThe auto manufacturer is placing the barcodes in certain fleets of Chevrolet rental vehicles.

General Motors has revealed that it is now placing QR codes on the vehicles of certain rental fleets as a part of an overall marketing strategy to help consumers to learn more about these vehicles.

The auto maker has not failed to notice the popularity and efficiency of the barcodes in marketing efforts.

These QR codes have already been spotted in some of the Chevrolet Malibu rental cards that are being rented out through Enterprise. They are being used as a part of a larger mobile marketing campaign being held by the company. It has stepped up the use of these barcodes, which have been rapidly gaining in popularity among both consumers and marketers over the last few years.

A scan of the QR codes brings the smartphone user to a specific page on the Chevrolet official website.

The webpage that is accessed through the use of the QR codes is one that is specific to the Malibu, so that the user will be able to learn more about that vehicle. Information that can be learned on that page include dealer locations, the specifications of the car, as well as pricing options.

From the perspective of General Motors, using QR codes on rental cars is a very natural step toward making more sales. The company is working to use the opportunity to allow the vehicles to provide their own “showroom” so that consumers can see the vehicles close-up, but use their mobile devices to learn more about the vehicle directly in front of them.

In terms of the renters of the vehicles, they are receiving a form of extended test drive, with QR codes that can help them to determine if the vehicle would be right for their needs as an owner. Moreover, people seeing the vehicles in parking lots and other locations can scan the barcodes simply because they like the look of the cars so that they can learn more, as well. This could potentially allow the Malibu to gain more exposure in a very organic way.

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