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QR codes used by Boy Scouts for trail signage

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Boy Scouts of America QR codesThe quick response barcodes have been used on a trail network in a nature park.

An Eagle Scout candidate named Chris Baker has implemented a series of QR codes throughout a network of nature trails in order to allow hikers and park users to learn more about the ecology of the Circle B Bar Reserve.

The project brought together mobile technology from smartphones and environmental education.

The trail now features the QR codes on its signage in a number of strategic locations, in the hope to help improve the experience of its visitors. The network of various trails from the nature park is dotted with the signs that can be scanned in order to provide hikers with additional information that they might find useful and interesting.

The trail users can scan the QR codes to receive information from a number of sources.

By scanning the QR codes through the use of a free scanner app, hikers can read articles or view a series of videos that provide additional information about the natural and cultural resources that are specific to Circle B.

According to Baker, “I came out looking for an Eagle Scout project and talked to Ms. (Tabitha) Biehl, and she said she was interested in QR codes for the trails”. Baker is a member of Boy Scout Troup 123 from Winter Haven, Florida, and is 17 years old. Biehl is a Polk County Environmental Lands Program environmental lands stewardship coordinator. Baker began this task by performing a certain amount of research to build the foundation of his knowledge.

He started by visiting Sanibel Island’s J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. This park had already started using a system of QR codes on its own trail system, which was launched in 2011. It gave Baker a number of ideas as to how the barcodes could be used for his own project. It now appears that he is a part of the first project that has provided this type of feature to residents and visitors of the southwest Florida nature park.

That said, QR codes have been increasing in their popularity throughout the state, appearing in advertising and other areas at a regular rate.

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