QR codes turn button tags into mobile marketing opportunities

qr codes button tags business cards

The technique gives brands a way to instantly share their URLs within both a retail and social setting.

Button tags that can be clipped on and worn are among the latest ways that QR codes are being used in both social and retail settings in order to be able to spread the words and share URLs of brands, companies, and products.

These wearable forms of mobile marketing are also growing in popularity within business meetings.

The reason is that they are making it much faster and easier for individuals to be able to network. Instead of having to write contact information down or enter it into a smartphone or tablet through a touchscreen keyboard, QR codes can be scanned to provide instant access to this data, which can then be saved into the device.

qr codes button tags business cardsThese QR codes are providing a larger degree of exposure for products, brands, and their websites.

It is also helping to ensure that advertising receives the exposure that it requires in order to have a chance at being successful. Displaying QR codes on these button tags is not the same experience as wearing a logo button once was in the past.

Today’s wearable buttons that feature QR codes have been designed to be far more attractive, as well as being safe for clothing (as they clip on instead of featuring a safety or straight pin, or an adhesive, for that matter). Good quality companies that offer these products use printable die-cut tag sheets that make it possible for staff members to be able to print out the names of guests or attendees onto the tags as each individual arrives.

The Contour Clip product s a registered trademark for these wearable “Personal Tags” that use a clip that is comparable to a paperclip in order to attach themselves to clothing. It slides over the edge of any collar, pocket, lapel, or other fabric edge in order to securely attach to it without damaging the clothes. These tags can be attached in any direction and then oriented so that the name, text, and QR codes will be facing the right direction.

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