QR codes to be used to help emergency responders find medical data on patients

Medical Mobile Apps
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Medical Mobile Apps

QR codes continue to integrate into the medical field as Connectyx Technologies unveils plans to inject the mobile technology into their popular MedFlash platform. Connectyx is the designer and distributor of MedFlash, a Personal Health & Wellness Management system. The system allows those with medical conditions to store their medical information so that it can be quickly accessed in case of an emergency. By augmenting the system with QR codes, first responders will now be able to retrieve this vital information when they arrive.

MedFlash allows users to create an online medical profile containing their histories and other relative information. Each profile is assigned a unique code which links to the profile. The codes can be printed on anything, allowing users to place them where they feel the codes will be most useful. Connectyx opted to adopt the codes because of their ability to distribute important information quickly, which can be a boon to emergency personnel.

This is not the first time that QR codes have been used for such a purpose. In the UK, a company called QrTY fashioned what they called “QrTY Emergency Cards.” The codes affixed to small card link to medical records, allowing emergency responders to access any relevant information. The company has seen success with their initiative, showing that the codes can serve a purpose beyond marketing and advertising.

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