QR codes to be the center of a new program from the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce

Wisconsin Rapids QR Codes

Wisconsin Rapids QR Codes

Local businesses will receive assistance in integrating these barcodes into their mcommerce strategies.

Businesses will be able to receive a lesson in the use and implementation of QR codes from the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce by attending an educational presentation that will run from 8am to 9am on September 27.

The presentation about quick response codes will be located in Wisconsin Rapids, at 1120 Lincoln St.

The co-sponsorship of this event is from Cellcom and from Element Mobile. The purpose is to help local businesses to make important steps into mobile commerce by learning how to use QR codes to drive visits to their websites, online documents, and videos. Those in attendance will also receive a lesson in how to create, scan, measure, and track the use of the quick response barcodes.

Door prizes will be awarded to some of those who attend the QR codes seminar.

According to a press release, Melissa Loken, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, stated that “Small business owners should look into embracing this new form of technology because it makes marketing and promoting themselves easier.” Loken added that “It is a cost-effective way to bring attention to your business while giving clients and customers vital information instantly.”

Registration for the event costs $10 per person for chamber members and for Cellcom and Element Mobile. For customers and prospective members of the chamber, the cost is $20 per person.

The nonpartisan organization of the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce works to help existing and new businesses to receive significant value by offering them support and leadership within a community of engaged local businesses.

For many local businesses that have not yet made a move into mobile commerce, or that aren’t sure how to go about getting started, this will be an important lesson into some of the basics and the most affordable techniques that are available. It will not only show them how to use QR codes, but it will also indirectly provide information about the various forms of mobile marketing that are available, to which the barcodes can be connected.

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