QR codes to be added to all Mercedes-Benz vans in Rescue Assist program

Mercedes QR Codes Campaign

The auto maker will be adding these stickers to the vehicles as a part of a free retrofitting.

Mercedes-Benz UK has announced that its Rescue Assist program with QR code stickers will now be expanded to be added to vans for free in models that were made since 1996.

This service will also be included in all of the automaker’s new models as a standard service.

The QR codes in the Rescue Assist program are designed to offer first responders a method of greatly reducing the time that is required to safely rescue an occupant who is trapped in a vehicle that has been involved in a crash. The barcodes are installed as stickers in a standard location on the vehicle that makes it easily accessible to the rescue workers. The quick response code can be found on the inside of the fuel filler flap, as well as B-pillar on the opposite side of the van for a Citan. On the Sprinter and Vito models, it is located on the driver and passenger side B-pillars.

Scanning the QR codes provides emergency rescue workers with the details they need about the vehicles.

Mercedes QR Codes CampaignWhen the Rescue Assist QRcodes are scanned with a tablet or smartphone that is connected and enabled with a barcode reader, it launches a digital rescue card that provides the user with all of the information that the individual will need in order to be able to safely cut into the vehicle in order to extract someone who is trapped inside. For example, it points out vital vehicle components such as its airbags, electrical wiring, and fuel tanks.

By rapidly providing the worker with this information, then it will ensure that the rescue will be faster and safer for both the rescuer and the individual who is waiting to be rescued. This greatly reduces the risk of unexpected problems in the vehicle and reduces the time of the operation by an average of about two minutes. That is vital time when it comes to ensuring that everyone will be safe in the end.

Mercedes-Benz is the first automaker to create a standard system of QR codes that are a part of the equipment of its vans and as a part of a rescue program.

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