QR codes…the new mascot for the real estate business

REMAX Real Estate QR Code Campaign

Real estate agents were among the first in the U.S. to adopt QR codes on a large scale. Two years ago, the codes were all but unheard of, their use seemingly reserved for the advertising elite. However, when realtors began using them, more people were exposed to the codes and their popularity began to blossom. The codes were first used by small real estate agencies, as larger companies often tend to shy away from unfamiliar forms of promotion. Now, as the codes becoming ever more popular, the more prestigious real estate companies are beginning to incorporate the codes into their marketing.

RE/MAX of Newburyport, Massachusetts, has begun using the codes to promote their property listings. They have been using QR codes on property signage as well as in ads in the local newspaper. When scanned, the codes resolve to a mobile website where potential homebuyers can browse property listing and received detailed information on properties they are interested in. In using QR codes, the realtor has enabled itself to connect with a much wider consumer base and is able to serve each potential client instantaneously.

Steven Babjak, marketing director for RE/MAX, says that more people want immediate access to information. This has become a standard in the industry, and QR codes are a tool that can easily provide the information customers are looking for.

In the age of technology, companies cannot afford to shrug off the changing times as nothing more than a passive phase. QR codes are here to stay, and those not making use of them now may find themselves behind the times when the next big mobile marketing development emerges.

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