QR codes take center stage on new fruit labels

qr codes watermelon fruit

Itaueira Farms has now unveiled its new labeling and its larger fruit will include quick response codes.

Itaueira Farms, a Brazilian melon grower, has now unveiled a brand new label to add to its premium large fruits, including melons, and this new version includes QR codes that will make it easier for consumers to be able to learn about the history of the specific produce they’re purchasing and to obtain some helpful tips.

The quick response codes can be scanned with a smartphone to trace the fruit back to its origin.

Furthermore, when the QR codes are scanned, they will offer consumers a way to obtain ideas for using the melons and fruits in new and interesting ways. The marketing agent for the grower is Crown International, which is a firm located in Miami.

Fred Tavares, from that firm, explained that when consumers use their smartphones to scan the codes, they can receive data specific to the item they’ve scanned, including the location where it was grown and the date of the harvest. Tavares also pointed out that shoppers can benefit from other information such as videos and photos of recipes so they don’t run out of tasty ways to use the fruit.

The QR codes for each fruit are unique, which means that they can all be individually traced back to the farm.

qr codes watermelon fruitTavares said that “Each melon has a unique code so that individual piece of fruit can be traced.” He also added that “The program has been well received by customers in Brazil, and we expect a similar reception in the United States.”

The unveiling for the new labels with the QRcodes occurred at the 8th annual Fresh Summit which was held by the Produce Marketing Association. The label will be added to the size 4 and size 5 melons grown and sold by Itueira. According to Tom Prado, whose family is the owner and operator of the company, explained that the larger melons occur as a result of an effort they made with field management programs that were implemented after an extended drought, in order to recondition the soil.

He pointed out that the labels with the QR codes are meant for the larger size melons, to provide the chance for people to learn about this strategy. He also said that the reception the barcoded labels received at the summit was even more positive than he had anticipated.

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