QR codes take another step into the fitness industry at Bally’s

fitness gym QR codes

fitness gym QR codesThe CIO is using the barcodes to improve the customer experience of the gyms using iPads

Bally Total Fitness has experienced a number of crises over the last decade, including two bankruptcies, 225 gym sales, and multiple customer lawsuits, so it is now looking to completely reverse this situation through an entirely different customer experience, and as a part of this is the use of QR codes, videos, and iPads.

The CIO of Bally’s has launched a number of different IT initiatives since 2011 to revolutionize the experience the company provides.

Guy Their, the CIO of Bally’s, is working hard to use technology – such as this new strategy with QR codes – to help to change the reputation of the company, which has become known for its unwelcoming environment and binding contracts. This effort is designed specifically to make the experience much more pleasant and appealing for customers.

The hope is that the strategies, such as the helpful QR codes, will show consumers the new Bally’s.

Upon the release of the new QR codes, Thier released a statement that described the changes that he has seen over the years within the company. He first joined Bally’s ten years ago (2003), and explained that the atmosphere within the gyms of the company were, at that time, about the same as those of a used car dealership.

He stated that “When [customers] walked in, they would end up right in a salesperson’s office. Once you bought the membership, you never heard from us again.” It was precisely this process and culture of intimidation that Their new had to change. He started right at the front desk and worked his way outward.

Now, he is not only promoting the support of the customers and members through actual employee interaction, but QR codes have been implemented to allow the members to enhance their own experience. This was achieved by connecting the barcodes to helpful videos that would assist users in making sure that they knew exactly how to do certain workouts and use various machines. Members can use iPads to help to take part in this interaction. This is a complement to the broader strategy of the use of technology throughout the gym.

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