QR codes successfully used by Evans Cycles for in store experience

Mobike qr codes bicycle

qr codes bicycleScanning the barcodes using a smartphone can provide details and reviews about the products.

Evans Cycles has just joined a group of successful companies that are using QR codes and other mobile friendly techniques to help to improve its in store experience by providing shoppers with more information through the use of their smartphones.

Though many have had their doubts in this technology, but it has been proving itself over and over again.

All of the Evans Cycles stores now have QR codes posted inside to help customers to be able to use their smartphones to learn more about the products that are available to them. By scanning the barcodes, shoppers can obtain information that they could find helpful in making their decisions regarding the products that they were considering within the shops.

The QR codes were used very effectively to help to encourage the highest possible usage from customers.

The QR codes were posted on every one of the bikes, each in the same place, so that they were very easy to find and were noticeable. Their position on the bottom left corner of the product information tag also made it easy for the customers to scan. Instructions were provided and though the print was small, they were available for consumers who may not have known exactly how to use them.

When the QR codes were scanned, consumers could read more about the products and would not only be able to see reviews that other customers have already left about the product, but they were also given their own opportunity to leave a review if they wished to do so. This would give future shoppers the chance to see what they had to say about something being sold in the store.

The site that was linked to the QR codes was fully mobile optimized. Though this may appear to be an obvious point, it is one that is overlooked all too frequently by many mobile marketers and retailers.

As a bicycle is not considered to be a small purchase by many consumers, the ability to use QR codes to better inform themselves has been seen as a very positive opportunity by the shoppers at Evans Cycles.

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