QR codes start to show their artistic side – 3 in 1 code!

QR Code Art
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QR Code Art
With the increasing popularity of QR codes has come a great deal of experimentation with the various ways in which they can be used, and this has inspired designers and artists to present the barcodes in new and innovative ways.

For example, artist and designer Frank Haase has drawn a great deal of attention to himself with his QR coded shoes prototype. They have been designed with a QR code carved right into their soles, so that when the wearer steps from a wet surface to a dry one, the QR code print is left behind.

So far, the codes work best when the wearer steps on a dry surface that shows significant contrast when it is wet, but even in ideal circumstances, the code doesn’t always have adequate clarity to be scanned – regardless of whether the best scanning apps are used. With a little bit more work, though, this type of strategy can have tremendous implications for brands that are looking for a new and unique way of drawing attention to themselves.

QR Code Art - Look inside the cubeAnother way in which QR codes have entered the art world is in “Trinity – 3in1”, which is the latest creation from Haase. The piece is based on a religious theory and is a sculpture that works a clear acrylic glass cube into the top of a tetrahedron (triangular pyramid). The cube sits on a corner, set into the top of the tetrahedron so that it forms the top point of the pyramid shape with three of its sides exposed. Those exposed sides allow the viewer to see through the clear material to the three dimensional cloud of black balls inside.

This arrangement converts each of the three sides of the cube into a different QR code based on the concepts of “Father”, “Son”, and “Holy Spirit”; the three dimensions of the Trinity. Each of these codes can then be scanned by the viewer using a smartphone in order to access the mobile web pages to which the codes are linked.

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