QR codes help real estate agents offer an easier home buying process to customers

QR codes - Real Estate

Much of the experience of shopping for a place to live occurs online, and barcodes are helping.

QR codes have seen quite a burst of popularity over the last three years and are now starting to find more standard places in people’s lives, including in their home-buying experience.

Realtors have been using quick response codes to make it easier to share online information.

From 2018 through 2020, the use of QR codes rose by an estimated 96 percent, and real estate agents didn’t fail to pay attention to the trend. As people typically look at internet listings as their first step toward buying a home, it means that by using these barcodes to share information – such as a listing or further details, it means that the potential home buyer can view the property’s listing quickly and easily when shared by the real estate agent.

QR codes - Property Details

Instead of having to type in a listing number or enter a clunky URL, customers can scan a quick response barcode shared by their real estate agent and immediately view the listing to see if it might be a potential candidate.

Now that QR codes are widespread and people are comfortable using them, it’s easy to share this way.

While the barcodes have always had the potential to be used this way, until quite recently, most consumers had never tried scanning one before. As a result, the process required a bit of a learning curve. Today, most smartphone users don’t give scanning a second thought. They know precisely how to do it. As such, real estate agents can use the barcodes to use technology to their advantage.

Real estate agents now regularly use these barcodes in their listings, on their signs, and in other places that an interested party might want to view more information about a property’s listing. With a quick scan, the device user has everything they need and can easily contact the agent if they want to learn more or if they would like to arrange to view the home.

In this way, QR codes bridge the gap between the more traditional ways of advertising a home and using the latest technologies and trends to keep those methods comfortable and relevant.


How Real Estate Agents Are Using QR Code Technology To Simplify The Home-Buying Experience

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