QR codes provide scannable invitations to Facebook Rooms

Scan QR Codes for our Facebook page

Through quick response codes, users can invite friends to their anonymous community on the new app.

Many people have been waiting for the new Rooms social app from Facebook that allows users to take part in anonymous communities, and it gives those users the chance to use QR codes in order to invite others to join them.

This new mobile app gives users the chance to create their own “room”, anonymously, based on any topic they want.

The Rooms from Facebook can be customized in their appearances, using various icons, colors, and even photos. Nearly everything can be altered, including the “Like” button. Videos, photos, and text can be added within the feed of a room, so that a conversation is not limited to words, but can provide a multimedia experience. It also boasts a number of smartphone friendly features, such as the invites through QR codes, that enhance the convenience and ease of use of the experience. The purpose of this new and long awaited app is to be able to bring the message board utility into the mobile space, according to the blog for the application.

The QR codes give users the chance to generate a scannable barcode so that friends can enter a room instantly.

Scan QR Codes for our Facebook pageAccording to the Facebook post that announced the Rooms social app, “A room is a feed of photos, videos, and text — not too different from the one you have on Instagram or Facebook — with a topic determined by whoever created the room.”

This new mobile app is the result of efforts from the Facebook Creative Labs. It provides users with an experience that allows them to be social and yet remain anonymous if that is their wish. The post about the app explained that users are able to sign in and use it with “whatever name makes you feel most comfortable and proud.” Users are able to stick to one name and use it for every room that they use, or they can create a different name for every room. It’s entirely up to them.

Room sharing is made simple with invitations that look like QR codes, so that all a friend needs to do is take a picture of the invitation . The social app automatically scans the recent photos for those invitations and then signs the user into the specific room for which the invitation was sent.

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